Neil Thomson MLC

Kimberley Floods

Broken Connections

The historic floods in the Kimberley have severed one of the most important transport connections in Australia. This will not only impact on residents and tourists, it will dramatically impact on the cost of living as freight costs skyrocket as only a select few items are eligible for a subsidy. Business needs surety, not highly fluctuating costs dependent over years on river levels and whether road trains can navigate Highway 1 across the north of our state without having to detach and reassemble trailers which adds to the cost of freight, adds to the cost of living and jeopardizes business viability across in the region.

Extent of Kimberley Disaster Revealed

The historic floods in the Kimberley has disrupted life as we know it in the region, severing connections between families, communities and businesses. After the humanitarian crisis which saw the welcomed intervention of the military, the clean up begins but the healing will take much longer.

Sewerage flows faster than response

Think about it for a moment - if you had raw sewerage running next to your house - for a month - would you be upset? It is disgusting that regional people have to tolerate this health hazard.

This video was filmed 20 January when the sewerage had been flowing for around 10 days. According to locals, as of 2 February, the sewerage is still flowing. Totally unacceptable.

Lets start at the very beginning

Sometimes good solutions can be fairly straight forward. To reconnect the residents of the Fitzroy a footbridge could span the river. This could be done quickly, saving residents the hazardous trip across flood waters to meet with friends and relatives, go to work and access supplies not available locally on the eastern side of the bridge.