Neil Thomson MLC

Planning Decision Conceals Failure

Under the cover of Christmas the McGowan Labor Government announced it would be discontinuing the Strategic Assessment of Perth and Peel, discarding years of detailed work with a flimsy document that fails to mention endangered species. 

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Flawed Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act Passes

Nobody wants to destroy any cultural heritage, however this Bill creates red-tape and confusion rather than a clear pathway forward. The Hon Neil Thomson MLC has called on the McGowan Labor Government to clarify what impact its Aboriginal Cultural Heritage legislation will have on small landowners and ensure proper community consultation occurs before this bill is passed.

Under the new laws, Western Australian farmers could be required to obtain approvals for activities including but not limited to the construction of dams, tracks and any other ground disturbance.

Laws have been in place across Western Australia since 1972. While modernisation is required, these changes will create a massive self-funded bureaucracy and it is going to be a disaster for our economy.

The press release can be viewed by clicking the button below.